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Academy awards

February 1, 2009


I have seen all five movies nominated for best picture, so will post my impressions of them (in alphabetical order).

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Very entertaining and a good stimulus for thinking about aging, life and death.  Pretty well-acted, but for me it is a distraction when superstars are in movies.  Not Brad Pitt’s fault, though.

Frost/Nixon. About much more than a particular slice of history (with modern day implications).  Also about a life/death struggle between two interesting and flawed men.

Milk.  Excellent docudrama with superb acting by Penn.  In this case, his star status did not detract (or distract) from the movie.  It is about historical events (which are well worth knowing about), but also about a very hot current issue.

The Reader.  Superb acting by the main characters, and gave me a lot to think about —  such as the consequences of our decisions to act, or to not act, in certain ways.

Slumdog Millionaire.  Entertaining and, for me, a bit jarring, with the rapid pace, time shifts, and intrusive (but excellent) soundtrack.  A gritty look at a very important social problem, with a silly romantic story to help the medicine go down.

My personal preference for the winner:  Milk. All of the others were also excellent and worth seeing.