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The computing “cloud” – an update

October 5, 2009


One year ago I posted on my transition from using a Palm handheld to using a Blackberry Curve (here) — this is a follow-up. This will be a very short post, but the main point is that I am happy with the transition. “Cloud computing” remains somewhat controversial, but has been widely accepted as inevitable. I love it.

Now, when I want to save a tidbit of information (such as medical information, travel plans, online purchases, chapters of my book, etc etc) all I do is post the tidbit in “the cloud” and it is saved for me. The best part about this is it is available to me on my iMac, my PC laptop, or any other computer I happen to have in front of me, including my smart-phone (although I would need to get a newer model to get full functionality).

What I want to share with you now is that the most amazing software for saving these tidbits in the cloud is a free program called Evernote. Check out their site for more information (here). I am in no way associated with that company, except as a customer (I upgraded to the premium version which is not free).

By the way, I have not posted lately because I am writing another book (more about that much later).