Don’t fall for the diet Ponzi scheme


I seldom use this blog to rant, but now is an exception. If cursing offends you, stop reading now.

I have before me the January 12 “special double issue” of People magazine, and it reminds me of the Madoff Ponzi racket that is shocking the world. What really pisses me off is all the over-hyped bullshit this rag (and many others) is using to sell magazines and dumb products to a gullible and even desperate population.  Don’t buy into this ripoff scheme.

Featuring people who have lost hundreds of pounds by going on severe deprivation programs is not even close to honest reporting.  The case-examples in the magazine went from the worst possible eating behaviors to the most extreme “dieting” behaviors, and that does not work for the overwhelming majority of ordinary people. It is no coincidence this kind of trash appears every January, when people are still hung over and reeling with guilt and shame for their lack of discipline in December.  Now, we are told, it is time to reverse course and shape up, at least until March. By then, the guilt will have been atoned for by a few weeks of exercise and food deprivation, and life will return to normal, so that by next December/January the overindulging/repenting cycle can begin anew.

Is there an alternative?  Yes, Yes, and Yes again!  Read the posts on this  blog, for example (starting here), and go to my website and read excerpts from (and reviews of) Weight Management for Your Life.  If you are serious about taking control of your own life, email me ( and I will mail you a free copy of the book (just mention this blog and give me a mailing address).  But hurry, I will only do this for the first 5 people I hear from.  Taking this action is one small way I am dealing with my anger.

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