Give up a car? Get a bike? Maybe.

After decades of being a two-car family, my wife and I recently gave up one of them and bought two bikes. Now, don’t think we are being heroic — we are both retired and live in a very convenient in-town neighborhood. We can walk or bike to many stores and restaurants and friends’ houses, and the climate here is pretty good. Still, it is very nice not paying for insurance, taxes, upkeep and depreciation on the car we gave up. We definitely are driving less than we used to, and I go days at a time without driving (my wife often takes the car on out-of-town trips to visit family, and at those times I am completely car-free).

A huge bonus is that we have found we love cycling around town, and I went in with a friend who has an SUV to buy a very good bike rack, so we can sometimes take the bikes to other places for a change in scenery.

To really see what is possible (and difficult) when you become car-free, check out this blog.

If you have found a way to cut down on driving, and increased your use of more healthy forms of transportation (for you and the planet), let us know.

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5 Responses to “Give up a car? Get a bike? Maybe.”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Thank you for the support! I totally understand keeping a car around- especially for long trips and emergencies (or days when you have to pick up a huge load in the rain!!). It is nice to know that there are others out there giving it a try :-)

  2. julie Says:

    My registration runs out in October, and my car won’t pass smog. I probably won’t get one. I live in a city, parking isn’t horrible where I live, but I can’t often take it around the city. I really only use it to go hiking, so I’m going to try the bike, with some public transit thrown in on rainy days.

  3. Charles Goldman Says:

    I just found this essay in Newsweek about a very busy family in Seattle cutting back on use of their minivan:

  4. Peter Says:

    Just as motor cycle fatalities have increased along with the price of gas so will/has the number of fatalities due to collisions between cars and bikes. This clear an artifact of the great number of miles people have been traveling on bikes. The answer is not to ride two-wheeled vehicles less rather to make bike paths part of our sorely need infrastructure upgrade so totally ignored by the administration.

  5. Healthy Weight Loss Girl Says:

    Biking is great. I can’t really use my bike to get to work because its too far away, but I still ride my bike for exercise.

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