What we choose to eat affects us, and others

We often talk about our food choices in reference to our own personal health, yet how and what we eat has far wider implications. For a vivid illustration of what I am trying to say, click HERE.

One example of how our eating affects the planet is the staggering consequences of eating food from cows. Listen to this recent story on NPR titiled “Is it Better to Eat Locally or Eat Differently?“.

In this NPR story, Michael Pollan has a more humorous and pragmatic take on the food choice issue: “If You Can’t Say It, Don’t Eat It.” He strongly advocates not eating food that is highly processed.

For an excellent book on this subject that might cause you to think more about the food you eat and how it affects others, check out Harvest for Hope by Jane Goodall.

My take: The more aware I become of how we (on this planet) are all in it together, the more I consider these factors in planning what to eat and how and where to shop. I have cut back on beef and dairy products, try to buy food that has less processing and less packaging, and consider the conditions in which the food was farmed and prepared for sale. After reading Goodall’s book, for example, I am much more interested in what types of seafood are endangered and how and where the fish was caught or farmed.

For a related post, see Another Reason to Lose That Weight.

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